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Message from the Director

As we study the scriptures, it is apparent that Jesus Christ had a heart for children. Children are innocent, they are pure, and they have a tremendous capacity for trust. This is why Jesus instructs us to “become as little children” if we desire to enter the kingdom of heaven in Matthew 18:3. It breaks my heart to see a child’s innocence stolen, their purity corrupted, and their trust violated by those who should love them most. I believe God can and will restore these attributes by our understanding and acceptance of who God is. God is the Father to the fatherless and will supply all of our needs in Jesus Christ. This is what motivates us at Sunny Glen! We see our children grow, we see our children regain what was taken from them, and we see our children prosper from the loving environment that we are blessed to provide for them. Above all, I pray that we can instill HOPE deep in the heart of every child who comes to be with us at Sunny Glen.

Sunny Glen Children’s Home first opened in 1936 with the intention of serving abused, neglected, and forgotten children.  It is unfortunate that the number of these children continues to increase and the need for resources to provide for them is great.  With knowledge, training, and professional staff members Sunny Glen has only improved toward our goals as we continually push ourselves to improve the quality of care we provide.  We focus on the whole child!  We seek to meet the physical, emotional, and most importantly spiritual needs of our children and to provide a safe place of refuge from the difficult and sometimes traumatic world outside our campus.

Thank you for your interest in Sunny glen, and for visiting our website.  Please feel free to contact us at anytime regarding questions that you may have or for information on how you can help!

In Christ & For Our Children,
Chase Palmer