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Working at Sunny Glen Children’s Home is a deeply rewarding experience, filled with both challenges and moments of profound fulfillment.

Each day brings the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of the children under our care, providing them with a safe and nurturing environment where they can heal, learn, and thrive. The dedicated team of staff and volunteers collaborates tirelessly to create a sense of belonging and support for these young individuals who have faced adversity in their lives. It is a place where empathy, patience, and resilience are not just qualities but essential tools, and where witnessing the resilience and growth of the children reminds us all of the power of compassion and community in fostering hope for a brighter future.

On A Mission To Provide A New Hope, A New Life, A New Day

Our mission at Sunny Glen Children’s Home is clear! We are here to provide a loving environment where children can heal from their past trauma and be restored to a new hope by the transforming power of God’s Love and the care from our dedicated team of childcare professionals. Every child on our campus knows that their life counts and we want to inspire each of them to realize the tremendous potential which lies within them. To inspire and make this kind of impact, we must create an environment and culture that is conducive in promoting this type of CHANGE!

We realize that our BELIEFS determine our VALUES which in-turn drive our BEHAVIORS which directly create a CULTURE.   Our desire is to create a caring healing environment for our children where our employees are empowered to continuously improve the trusting, loving, relationships that will promote healing and growth in every child. 

Sunny Glen Children’s Home from our inception has been a Christian faith-based organization and we continue to operate with these traditional values while always appreciating the diversity present within the population of children that we serve.  The values of Respect, Understanding, Trust, and Love are the foundation of our work. 

  • RESPECT for each child served and their unique experiences which have led to them being in our care creates the opportunity to build a trusting healing relationship with each child. The child’s well-being is the focal point of each relationship. 
  • UNDERSTANDING how the trauma suffered by each child has impacted their life and the relationships that have been damaged. We listen while utilizing empathy to establish that we desire to understand the realities of each child. 
  • TRUST is the key to creating relationships that will allow our children to achieve their full potential. When you gain a child’s trust and a connection is established, amazing things are possible. 
  • LOVE promotes patience, understanding, and a willingness to endure the challenges and difficult situations that our children will present. Truly loving our children will motivate every employee to see past the trauma and hurt directly into the heart of the child. 

These values are a consistent focus for our employees in their training as well as the teaching we provide for our children and serve as the foundation upon which our organizational culture is established.  We believe that by operating according to these core values, we will successfully fulfill our mission of providing an environment which promotes healing and hope to every child.  This will allow us to continue in our vision that every child has the opportunity for a New Life, a New Hope, and a New Day!