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The Monte & Amy Allen House

The Monte & Amy Allen House – Supervised Indepedent Living Center

Sunny Glen Children’s Home has been ministering to the needs of disadvantaged children since 1936.  We provide a loving & safe home for those children who have been re moved from families due to neglect or abuse. These children often face severe emotional or behavioral is sues due to their circumstances, through no fault of their own. Our job is to love them and provide for their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. However, one of the most challenging times for our children is the uncertainty they face when they have aged out of the foster care system. These children & young adults often lack the resources & life skills to transition into productive young members of the community. Sunny Glen founded the Supervised Independent Living Center to address this need. The SIL will provide free housing for new high school graduates as they age out of foster care.


The Supervised Independent Living Center is located in a beautiful, historic building in the heart of Downtown Harlingen. The first floor of this 100 year old building will be dedicated to our new thrift store, Vintage on Jackson, which helps fund our mission. The second floor is a beautiful, 6,000 sq. foot residential apartment that will house up to 10 young people. The facility includes industrial appliances, large common areas, as well as private areas for study and prayer. Residents will also receive case-management support, transportation to school or work, and mentoring on skills they will need in life. This project would not be possible without the help of a special family. The facility is named after the late Dr. Monte Allen, and his surviving wife, Mrs. Amy Allen. The generous support of the Allen Family willed this project to fruition and allowed us to greatly surpass our original plans for this residence. We, and the young adults who’s lives will be touched, are forever grateful for this benefaction.


Why a Supervised Independent Living Center?

One of the most challenging times for our children is the uncertainty they face when they have aged out of the foster care system. These young adults often lack the resources and life skills to successfully transition into productive young members of the community. An unacceptably high percentage become homeless within 18 months of leaving the Foster Care system. Sunny Glen has started the new Monte and Amy Allen Supervised Independent Living Center to address this need. The SIL will provide free housing for new High School graduates as they transition into their next phase in life. Residents will undergo an interview process and be required to be either working full time or seeking some form of higher education.

101 E Jackson Street

Harlingen, Texas 78550